Business Succession Planning
 How Do You Protect Yourself and Your Business

What happens to a business if the business owner dies, retires, disabledDiffering prioities for the surviving shareholders when a business owner dies or disabled

Shareholder conflict - business sucession planningFinancing when a business owner dies

LYFORDS solution - comprehensive study, business succession planning insurance

Business Succession Planning  
What happens if your business partner dies, is disabled, retires or simply had enough.  Do you really want to be in business with their wife, their partner or even their new partner.  Where is the money going to come from to buy them out.  Click here to email Alison Renfrew LYFORDS business insurance specialist and she we will put together a comprehensive succession plan for your business.

Refer also to Alison's article in the Sunday Star Times on Business Insurance, "Health Insurance a matter of life or death for businesses"

Funding Business Buy-Sell Agreements
What are the key issues that need to be addressed and how is the Buy-Sell Agreement funded,

To arrange a review of your existing Buy-Sell Agreement, or
To arrange a presentation from our Business Insurance specialist - Alison Renfrew CLU, CFP

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