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We do the leg-work in arranging the best mortgage option for you.

We find the best interest rates, lowest fees and take the stress out of the process.


Mortgage Broking - Free Service
Home Loans using a mortgage broker

Why is our mortgage broker service free to you?
Our mortgage broking service is completely free to you because the bank pays us a fee.  This is part of their marketing cost.  You get personalised service and a long term relationship with qualified financial planners, insurance brokers and investment advisers through Lyfords.

Why not go direct to the bank?
We often get a better deal than you can get by going direct to your bank.  We can offer you advice on all aspects of your home loan like: what banks are offering special rate, fees, bank requirements and we can put in place insurance to protect yourself in the event of death or health issues which may prevent you from working.

In New Zealand around 30% of mortgages are placed through mortgage brokers, in the US this is more like 90% and the trend is growing.

We access mortgages from many of the standard banks plus we have access to 'niche' lenders such as ANZ, HSBC, Sovereign, Pioneer Mortgages to name a few.  Using our mortgage software is updated daily with the latest interest rates and lending conditions enabling us to access information on 20 different lending institutions.

How to Apply for a Mortgage?
Complete the email - Click here to email us - or phone to discuss.

alternatively short cut the approval process by completing the "New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association Loan Application Questionnaire".  Print this out and fax this to us on 04 471-0615.
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