Who want to provide comprehensive financial planning
 and insurance advice to their clients?

The most common problem for many legal practices is that they only see their clients on a transactional basis.  That is when the client has a problem or is seeking legal advice.  A strategic relationship with a financial planning company can cement the relationship and provide regular client contact.

We are looking for quality legal practices with a like philosophy who would like to consolidate their relationships with their clients by offering them comprehensive financial planning.  This would be through a formal Strategic relationship with LYFORDS.

Many legal firms act as Trustees for their clients' family trusts.  Trustees have a fiduciary duty under the Trustees Act to seek independent advice where the trusts has funds invested.

What can we offer:

What we do:

Please contact either Alison Renfrew or Dr Richard Renfrew to arrange a meeting to discuss further the benefits of forming a strategic relationship with LYFORDS.