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Please note the reference to Creating Wealth Limited in the testimonials below applies to Lyford Investment Management as the principals have not changed and this company was rebranded to Lyford Investment Management in 2005.

"After a 4 year legal battle to secure a matrimonial settlement .... of the reputable firms spoken to with a promise of information to be sent, I was most impressed with the speed and professional service provided by Creating Wealth.  From my first meeting with Alison Renfrew I felt I would be taken seriously and would not be just another number.  The financial plan was presented within a very short time frame and I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and precision of its content.  Richard and Alison Renfrew are to be applauded on their attention to detail, their availability to clients (there is no chain of command) and their ongoing willingness to inform, educate and advise in a non-judgmental manner."
- Janine H.

"I was feeling dissatisfied with my financial position because I felt that I did not have a good overview of my position nor was my position being monitored by an expert ...  Alison and her company provide me with a range of information from a very informative website to prompt face to face meetings.  I have every confidence that Alison and Creating Wealth Ltd will continue to meet my need for independent high financial advice, be transparent in their dealings with me, and be professional in their approach to their work, which is helping me meet my financial goals.
- Julie C.

I 'm so glad I decided to get a financial plan done, and particularly to have been helped by Alison.  She doesn't use superfluous and off putting jargon, but neither did she talk down to me at any stage.  She has nudged me towards several ideas, but never forced me - something which was very important to me personally.  I was also impressed with how thoroughly she has analysed the different areas such as insurance, saving for concrete goals, a will, retirement, mortgage repayments, the different types of investments, and taxation
Martin B.

"From the moment I met Alison and Richard Renfrew I felt confident that my financial problems and future wealth would be well taken care of.  At the age of 26 I realised that I did not have much to show in comparison to how much money I earned, and thought perhaps it was time to sort out my financial situation.  Alison and Richard have shown me how putting a little bit aside now can make all the difference to the kind of lifestyle I wish to lead in the future"
- Gavin S.

"My husband and I invested a substantial amount of money with them eighteen months ago.  At the first session (portfolio review) Alison said I have some good news and some bad news.  She said the good news was "You have made a lot of money" and the bad news is "That you can't expect that sort of return all the time".  Even though they warned me about expecting high returns, in spite of the investment climate we have made much more money than we expected to.  Since we took their advice and spread the money around in areas we didn't know about we have earned far more than we would have if the money had stayed in the bank."
- Jenny F.

"Alison has a very relaxed, clear and "down to earth" presentation style.
I felt the financial and investment advice offered was sound, independent, and covered the whole field."
- Frank M.

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