Richard Renfrew, Authorised Financial Adviser, FSP35821

R Renfrew - Authorised Financial AdviserFrom a very young age Richard has been fascinated by money.  From the age of 8 he took over his mother’s coin collection and built this up by selectively buying ‘limited’ edition proof coin issues.

Richard went to Wellington College and then on to Victoria University where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science (Honours) and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry.  Whilst writing his thesis on reaction kinetics for his Ph.D. Richard obtained a job with Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited.  Upon obtaining his PhD, Richard continued to work for Mobil full time in a range of capacities.  He also had an extensive overseas assignment with Mobil at their UK domiciled international research laboratory.
Richard has a keen interest in outdoors having been an active member and committee member of the Wellington Sky Divers Club and the Tararua Tramping Club.  Richard has also served as the treasurer of the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. A feature of Richard’s office is a marine reef aquarium.
Richard is always keen to seek out new challenges.  After 13 years with Mobil, he retired, financially independent, in order to spend two years as a full time caregiver to his and his wife Alison’s two year old son, Ricky.  From there, Richard decided that he needed further challenges and joined Alison in 1994 in her unbiased financial planning and investment advisory business called Creating Wealth Ltd in Wellington. In April 2005 the Creating Wealth group of companies was re-branded to LYFORDS. Through Richard’s efforts the company has a high emphasis on using the latest computer hardware and software as well as the use of electronic transfer of data.  Richard taught himself JavaScript, CSS and HTML programming languages to create the company’s web site. Richard has a Diploma in Personal Financial planning.
Richard is one of the most highly qualified investment advisers in New Zealand.  His analytical skills, discipline, ability to think clearly and rationalise brings a superior level of skills to LYFORDS and to its client base than what many other financial advisers in New Zealand can provide. 
Richard has the ability to make what may appear at first to be complex ideas easily understood.
Richard is an AUTHORISED FINANCIAL ADVISER plus a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and member of the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA). He was on the committee of the Wellington branch of the IFA in 2002 and 2003.  He attained Authorised Financial Adviser status (AFA) in December 2010.

Academic Achievements:
  • Bachelor of Science (Victoria University)
  • Master of Science (Honours), (Victoria University)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Victoria University)
  • Diploma Business Administration (Victoria University)
  • Diploma Personal Financial Planning (Waikato University)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA), FSP35821
Authorised Financial Adviser:
Richard is an 'Authorised Financial Adviser', registration number 35821 and must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers and obligations under the Financial Markets Act 2008 (including regulations made under the act) and under general law. Under the Financial Advisers (Disclosure) Regulation 2010 a disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.