Consolidated Portfolios

​Benefits of having a consolidated investment portfolio

Lyfords uses a number of custodial wrap accounts. The wrap account recommended is dependent on the investors goals and objectives. 
  • Consolidated annual income tax summaries are prepared as part of our service*
  • Independent custodian to provide security of clients funds.
  • You have the ability to view your portfolio at any time over the Internet (security is 126 bit encryption)
  • You provide us with a limited power of attorney which enables us to transact on your behalf. This results in faster implementation of our recommendations through email confirmations. No signing of individual applications is required
  • Six monthly reporting of your investments
  • Single consolidated reporting brings all your investments together
  • Fees are transparent. There are no hidden costs
On-line access is via a login to a web portal.
*With superannuation funds (UK pension transfers) the trustee pays the tax and tax returns are not required to be completed