Currency Exchange

Beware of the Hidden Costs Charged by Banks

LYFORDS has partnered with New Zealand’s largest specialist provider of foreign exchange, XE.

While banks often disclose an overseas transaction fee what is not disclosed is the exchange rate margin that is used.  The exchange rate margin used by banks will be 2-5% between the rate that say XE use and the rate the bank or credit card companies use. New Zealanders are paying around $1.6 billion in extra fees. See the difference the fees can make:
XE Difference

XE Money Transfer offers an easy, quick and affordable way for both individuals and businesses to avoid the usual hassle, expense, and complications of international transfers.  XE lets you send, track and manage international money transfers anytime and anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

XE help you keep more of your money with fee free transfers and bank-beating exchange rates, regularly checking the main high street banks to make sure the overall price is better. XE also monitors the market to let you know if the rate you want has been reached. Plus, XE can check the status of your transfers 24/7, and keep you and your recipient updated along the way.

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NOTE: This is only available to existing Lyfords clients