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Business will never go out of business, Covid-19
2nd April 2020
While the impact of Covid-19 on world economies has not fully played out and portfolios have taken a hit; in my opinion, we are not seeing a freefall in share markets ........
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Why you Should Not be Afraid of Market Volatility
When movement in the share market is up one day, noticeably down for the next week, then appears to be traveling upward again, only to spiral downward again, that's what financial advisers call share market volatility. Should you be concerned .....btn more
Fund Managers Rarely Outperform the Market for Long
The Economist wrote "sheer luck is as good as past returns in predicting future performance".  The big investment shift of recent years is from active to passive ...btn more
Eugene Fama Wins Nobel Prize - Efficient Market Hypothesis

The 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Eugene Fama, with two others, for laying “the foundation for the current understanding of asset prices” ... btn more

David Booth on Forecasting Returns?
Instead of looking into a crystal ball to determine where to invest, consider the historical stock market and stick to investing fundamentals ......
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What does History Tell Us about Share Markets?
This graph shows how the longest recorded share market index, the Dow Jones Index reacted to events between 1896 to 2016 and how human innovation always trumps fear  .......btn more
The 'Right Time to Invest Myth'
When markets are rocky some investors tell their advisers they would prefer to wait until things are 'more settled' before committing their money.  The problem is ....btn more
Randomness of Returns in Different Markets
These two videos look at returns across a broad range of investment markets and asset classes to see if there is any pattern. The result is ............btn more
Richard Thaler wins Nobel Prize - Behavioural Finance
What can we learn from Thaler's research in attitudes and behavioural finance? Do investors behave rationally or irrationally .......?
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