April 2020 Newsletter

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For most New Zealander’s the last four or five weeks have been like no other. Never in our lifetimes have we all (except for a few essential businesses) been effectively ordered to go home and stay home.  

Of course, we all know why that was necessary. The COVID-19 health crisis we have been fighting is effectively a war that has simultaneously been waged all over the globe. And unfortunately, as in all wars, there have tragically been significant human casualties.

Throughout the health crisis, international investment markets have remained open and, befitting this utterly extraordinary environment, the markets reacted in unprecedented fashion.  

The swift emergence of COVID-19 and the different containment measures that many countries employed in an attempt to contain its spread (ranging from social distancing, to travel bans, to self-isolation and lockdowns), created sudden and significant shockwaves for all markets.  

Reflecting the extreme nature of this event our Autumn Update newsletter provides a detailed explanation about the share market reactions to COVID-19

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