January 2020 Newsletter

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Contrary to many predictions 12 months ago, it has been another very rewarding year for diversified investors.

In the accompanying Summer Update, the investment market review casts a retrospective glance back over 2019 and highlights some of the factors contributing to a very strong finish to the year for growth assets. In fact, global share markets started and finished the year with a bang, sending numerous markets to new highs as a result.

In the feature article, we discuss the relatively recent emergence of socially responsible investing in New Zealand (also referred to as ESG investing). This is an area of investment where environmental, social, corporate governance and ethical issues are considered alongside financial performance. Demand for socially responsible investments has been growing rapidly in the last few years and it is a trend that looks set to continue in the years to come. Our UK Pension Transfer web site also discusses SRI funds.

We enter 2020, many of the positive economic elements that supported markets in the final quarter of last year remain in place. This doesn’t provide any guarantees about what to expect this year, but it is encouraging to note that general economic conditions currently look a little more favourable than they did 12 months ago.


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