Invest Your Money Wisely Without Relying on Fixed, Low-Interest Rates

At Lyfords, we help to ensure your investments are managed effectively to maximise your investment returns.  Our role is to make sure your retirement savings work as hard for you as you worked to earn them.  

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The Renfrews have over 59 years of combined experience in financial planning.  They use independent research to develop and manage tailored investment portfolios.

We charge fees for our services which are generally tax deductible. We provide, transparent investment solutions after taking into account our clients' financial positions and their tolerance to financial market fluctuations.

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it",
Abraham Lincoln

For every 100 people who entered the workforce 45 years ago
  • 1 is rich
  • 16 are financially independent but not rich
  • 5 are still working
  • 20 have died
  • 58 are totally dependent on NZ Superannuation
New Zealanders are living longer; life expectancies have risen 6 months each decade since 1945.

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Three major financial risks are premature death, inability to work because of a long-term accident or illness, and the need to find large amounts of cash to fund medical care.

Five out of ten men aged 25 are likely to become disabled due to an illness or accident that will prevent them from working for at least a month before they turn 65.

Seven out of ten women are likely to become disabled due to an illness or accident that will prevent them from working for at least a month before they turn 65.

There is a 33% chance that you will be sick or disabled for six months or longer prior to age 60.
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What Happens When You Call Us

When you initially contact us we'll listen to your concerns.  We'll learn what your main issues are;
  • tax efficient investments and regular savings
  • transferring your UK pensions
  • reviewing your insurance programme
  • Kiwisaver 
We will send you the documents we need so that we can work with you to tidy up your current plan.  It is normal to come to the office for an investment meeting but many of our clients live in other cities and we can communicate and work effectively via the internet.
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Speak With A Qualified & Experienced Investment Adviser 
You will have peace of mind that your investment adviser knows what she/he is talking about when they have decades of experience and a high level of related qualifications.
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Proposal & Implementation
After an initial discovery meeting we will prepare a letter letter that summarises the conversation, identifies the action to be taken and outlines the fees.  All advice must be in writing and is included in a "Statement of Advice" showing our recommendations which are supported by independent research.
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Monitoring & Reporting
Its important to review your investments and financial goals to check they are still on track with the objectives set.  Change is certain and your investment plans will change from year to year.

Get Personalised Service & Guidance from Authorised Financial Advisers

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Alison Renfrew


Alison has a long record of providing financial advice to her clients. After graduating from Victoria University with a B.Sc. in 1982 she joined an international financial services company in 1983.

Richard Renfrew photo-872-834-8992
Richard Renfrew

PhD, CFP,  MSc(Hons), Dip FP, Dip Bus Admin

Richard has been giving investment advice since 1994. He has a science and an analytical background which is applied when constructing investment plans.

"As we get older it gets more difficult to keep up with, let alone, understand what's going on in the financial world, and we take comfort in the fact that you are able to keep up with the play and keep our interests in view. "
Trevor Brieseman, Wellington

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Adviser Disclosure Statements are available on request and are free of charge
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