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“As we get older it gets more difficult to keep up with, let alone, understand what’s going on in the financial world, and we take comfort in the fact that you are able to keep up with the play and keep our interests in view.”

Trevor Brieseman, Wellington

Working with an investment adviser in NZ is an excellent way to approach market uncertainties. At Lyfords, we’re proud to bring our decades of experience to bear for individuals like you. The facts show that fund managers consistently underperform in the market. We believed then and now that individual investors deserve a better way to manage their money.

Our Philosophy for Ethical Investing in NZ

After years of using active fund managers we became disappointed that generally fund managers consistently under perform the markets.

Today, we use an academic, evidence-based approach to build robust investment portfolios for our clients. We’re here to do everything from answering the basics, such as “What is Kiwisaver?” to delivering in-depth insights on today’s popular investments. We provide a low-fee solution for our partners using passive and smart beta funds.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and preferences. We conduct extensive research and due diligence on all potential investments. In doing so, we consider many factors. These often include important ethical considerations alongside the profitability potential.

We always put you first. Before undertaking any investment on your behalf, we invite you to have a detailed discussion with a financial advisor. We’ll discuss your goals, the critical issues, and the risk/return profile. Using this information, we build strategies that align with your expectations.

Alongside our general investment advice, we also offer second opinions. Are you dissatisfied with your existing service or the return on your investment portfolio? Are you concerned you’re being hit with high fees or that there is no more extensive plan for your money? Let our team take a look and provide you with the necessary advice.

What's your investment Risk/Return profile?

Before agreeing to how and where to invest its important that we discuss and mutually agree on your goals, key issues and your investment risk/return profile.

Second opinion service

Do you have an investment portfolio but are not satisfied with the returns or your level of service? You may have an ad hoc mix of investments without an overall investment strategy. Is your asset allocation suitable for the level of your risk return profile? Your funds might have high hidden fees.

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Set the stage for retirement or the next big adventure in your life today. Smart investing today can lead you towards a better tomorrow. With the Lyfords team on your side, you can count on a trusted, experienced, and values-driven point of view.

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