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“Lyfords have made, what appeared to me to be, a very complex process – very straight forward. My UK pension was transferred with a minimum of fuss, with Lyfords providing all the support and advice that I needed to reach this outcome as quickly as possible. Thanks,”

Scot Fordham

“Life insurance is like a parachute …… If you don’t have it when you need it, it’s too late.”

– John W. French Sr., Austin, Texas

If you have family members whom you love and who are financially dependent on you make sure that if you die too early you will have enough insurance to provide them with a debt free home and enough money for them to realise their dreams and potential.

If you were planning to assist them to buy their first home, attend university or have a private school education don’t let your death change those plans.

If a partner is a full time caregiver don’t let your young children lose a second parent by forcing the surviving parent to return to a full time job. There might not be one to return to.

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Watch Our for those Exclusion Clauses

You would think all life insurance policies were the same and its only about the premium you pay. After all you are either alive or dead. Not so, suicide exclusion clauses are usually 13 months but with some companies it can be 36 months, there can be exclusions for drug and alcohol abuse, HIV, unlawful acts, war including civil commotion.

How much life Insurance do you need?

An adviser will consider:

  • ​Your level of debt
  • Age and income of your dependents
  • Whether to provide an education for your children and retirement fund for your spouse or partner

For a quick check on what level of cover you should have see our Life Insurance Calculator

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