Total and Permanent Disability insurance


“Tiredness is the big hassle with this brain injury, the so called reconnection and learning all the skills again just floors me at times. I describe it as a car battery going flat, one minute you are ok, the next you can’t be cranked over, referring to the car battery. So life is quite different and people, like doctors and rehab specialists, say it could take 2 years to recover back to whatever, but I am working on changing that time frame. I have things to do and places to be is another way of putting it.”

Mike Rowe, Fielding

If you became totally and permanently disabled you would be grateful to be paid this benefit.

The probability of a claim is remote. It can take a very long time for a doctor to sign off that you are totally and permanently disabled.

If you have lost the use of two limbs that is a definition of total and permanent disablement but what if you are depressed? Or you have broken your back? There is always hope. Your back might heal. You might get out of your depression. Eventually a claim may be paid, but because of the uncertainty of whether or not the condition is permanent the payment could take years to be made. You would need the money far earlier.

Total and Permanent Disability insurance has been described as “easy to sell and hard to claim”. For this reason, while we acknowledge its importance, we advise our clients to ensure that they have the other insurances we have recommended in place first and only then have Total and Permanent Disability insurance.

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