How much do you need in retirement


“… one of the reasons we enjoy you so much – it is a serious business but you don’t make it ‘heavy.”

Sandra Blake

How much should you save for retirement?

This will help you to set some savings goals and work out what additional savings you need to target. While we do support doing the minimum savings from your salary into KiwiSaver we believe additional savings should be outside of KiwiSaver funds. We can discuss the rationale for this with you.

The cheapest option for retirement income is to go SKIING – Spending your Kids Inheritance. That is, draw down on capital and growth so that at a set time in the future, say 93 you have used up most of your investable assets.

Age 93 is a projected life expectancy that we use in our retirement projections

Enter your age
Enter your retirement age
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Enter the annual, net of tax, retirement income you would like net of NZ Super

Likely average inflation rate

Percentage investment return, net of tax, during retirement

Percentage investment return, net of tax, saving up to retirement

Current savings
 Current monthly savings
Lump sum required in today's dollars at retirement
Lump sum to invest today to achieve retirement income
or, additional monthly savings required to achieve your retirement income goal

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