Rent or Own Calculator

Is it better financially to rent, or own your home?

Choose a period years

Owning Renting
Market Price
Rent per week
interest only Loan
Mortgage interest rate
Rental fees paid
Estimated capital growth (Real rate of return net of inflation)
Rate of return if equity invested (net of tax, net of inflation)
average / year
Council rates, body corporate fees etc
average / year
Maintenance (including painting every 8-10 yrs)
House Insurance
(excluding contents)


Net cost of owning Net cost of renting
Total loan interest paid
Opportunity cost of bond
Opportunity cost of Equity in house
Opportunity cost of rental fees paid
Maintenance, rates,  & insurance
Total rent paid
Opportunity cost of maintenance, rates & insurance
Opportunity cost of rent paid
Less, increase in market value at end of period
Less the increase in funds invested
(dollars if rent paid less interest payments)
Net cost of ownership
Net cost of renting
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