Bad habits calculator

How much does that bad habit cost you?

Our purpose is not to take a morale high ground but to demonstrate some of the financial costs of a bad habit.

For example, smoking. Apart from the potential medical costs of smoking, what are the financial costs?

    • increased insurance premiums, up to 50% higher!
    • opportunity cost (see the calculations below)

What about the number of chocolate bars, or soft drinks you consume per week.  Do the same calculations, but replace the word “cigarettes” with “chocolate bars” etc.

What about that morning cup of coffee and muffin from one of those cafe bars?  How did you survive 5 years ago when they weren’t around? !

How much could you save if you made your lunch rather than buying it?

These calculations are rough in that there is no relationship to how cigarette prices increase, its at the whim of the Government. Because of the additive nature of cigarettes Governments know that they can increase the price and still get higher revenues as few people give up. In economic terms the supply-demand curve for cigarettes is inelastic.

Cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes

Number of packs smoked per day

Investment return, net of tax

Number of years you have been smoking

This is what it has cost your so far #

If you stopped now, savings in 20 years

# actually slightly less as the price increases on cigarettes have exceeded inflation.

We know this is simplistic and giving up is not easy as it is an addictive drug.

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